Salvador Dali Museum

Image In the province of Girona, Spain, is a city of 45,262 people that goes by the name of Figueres. For some, it is a remote town that could easily be erased on a map, but for those that know better, Figueres is the birth place of one of the greatest artists of the Surrealist Movement: Salvador Dalí.

If you are ever in Barcelona, and have some extra days to visit the outskirts, we suggest you rent a car and head to Figueres.  It is only an hour and a half drive!

Figueres is not only the hometown of Dalí but is also home to the Dalí Theatre and Museum. Everything from the inside to the outside has Dali’s name written all over it. It houses extraordinary works that include: Port Alguer (1924), L’espectre del sex-appeal (1932), Autoretrat tou amb bacon fregit (1941), Poesia d’Amèrica-Els atletes còsmics (1943), Galarina (1944–45), La panera del pa (1945), Leda atòmica (1949), Galatea de les esferes (1952) and Crist de la Tramuntana (1968).

The room Mae West, the room Palau del Vent, the Monument to Francesc Pujols, and the Cadillac plujós were especially created for the Theater-Museum.

Here at the Dalí Theatre and Museum, guest are invited to connect with pieces from his largest collection as well as his personal collection that include El Greco and Marcel Duchamp.

Don’t miss the chance to experience the world of Dalí…