Andy Warhol Interview (1966)

Once you see this you might think that Andy Warhol was a bit weird, strange or different but what matters is the incredible pieces he created and his role as a leader for the Pop Art movement. This interview occurred during Warhol’s most successful period in the art industry. The interview highlights everything about Warhol whether it’s his opinion on other art, what he thinks Pop Art, how he does his pieces, what they are about. This interview defines why he is considered such an influential and popular artist.


Pop Art: Andy Warhol


If there could be a legitimate king of the Pop Art movement it would definitely be the famous Andy Warhol. He started and led this extremely popular art movement during the late 1950’s in the U.S. Pop arts main concept was incorporating traditions of antique fine arts with modern topics in culture. Pop art deals with the question of, why was the art piece was created? What was the main motive? Many examples of pop art deal with advertisements such as Warhol’s Campbell’s soup can and his Coca Cola ad. The other main topic that appears in pop art is comics. ¬†Warhol used a blotted-ink style in many of his pieces. He started succeeding in the early 1960s having many art exhibits through the U.S. In the 1960s his main focus was depicting “iconic American objects”, which made him excel over any artist at the time. It was either a piece of an American product or a famous American whether an athlete, actors, actress, musician, etc. Andy Warhol influenced the world with his pop art pieces.

Examples of Warhol’s art pieces below: