Kumi Yamashita: Most Famous 21st century Contemporary Artist


The Japanese native is considered one of the best contemporary artists and by far the most famous Japanese one. She uses a simple yet extremely creative technique for her art works. Her main focus in her pieces is working with shadows. She creates this shadow art using different items and then plays with different lighting to create a figure in the shadow. In some of her works she uses numbers and letters to create faces and body figures. She uses an exclamation point made out of steel and converts its shadow into a question mark with the light. What makes her stand out more than other artists is her unique method of creating art. She focuses on three things: light, shadow, and an the end result of a figure. She has won many prestigious awards throughout her life. For more on Kumi visit her official website: http://www.kumiyamashita.com

Kumi Yamashita’s Pieces: (Top, City View) (Middle, Question Mark) (Bottom, A to Z)