What truly is Modern Art?


Sigmund Freud’s The Interpretation of Dreams was what boosted and introduced this new perspective of thinking that lead to the modern art world. Before the 19th century art was dedicated to only the rich merchants or wealthy class. All they would request for their art pieces were religious and mythological themes, but that all changed after the 19th century. The Interpretation of Dreams focused on our subconscious which led to many artists creating their new art pieces based on what was in their imagination. The MoMa museum described the new artists to “exploring dreams, symbolism, and personal iconography” into their new style of painting. At this time, artists would experiment in any possible way to come up with a new type of art. They experimented with the colors they woulduse, they experimented with new tools, they experimented new techniques, and new ways of presenting their art. They consider it “modern” art because of the new discoveries and inventions to this different world in art. The invention of photography, film, new tools, had a huge impact on this movement of modern art.


Example of the beginning of modern art : Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night



Art Basel Miami Beach 2012

It would be a bummer if you guys couldn’t make it to Art Basel this year but if it’s thats case don’t worry about it. Here is a video of last years art festival in Miami Beach. You will at least be able to experience how the Art Basel works virtually. You will be able to visualize the different types of art, the different genres, the way the art is displayed, the amount of people that attend the event, how everything is set up, and how the people interact with the art at Art Basel. You will be impressed by the amazing art shown. If you ever have the time to attend Art Basel whether it be in Basel, Hong Kong, or Miami Beach (best one for sure), I suggest you do it because it’s incredible life-changing experience.

Art Basel Breakdown


The Art Basel displays different fields in the art world so the viewers who come from all over the world can explore them. If you don’t like the typical art viewing in a gallery you have nothing to worry about, you should still go. The Art Basel committee focuses on the different categories of art to be able to separate for the viewers interest. The committee focused on separating it into 8 sectors: Galleries, Nova, Positions, Edition, Kabinett, Public, Film, and Magazines. All the sectors focus on different styles of art, different forms of art, and different audiences. It ranges from the Movie sector where you would be shown different films to the Positions sector where the artist has a platform for he or she and you see them  make and present one main project. It all depends on what you like and what you dislike, which will lead you to avoid some of these sector or be the first in line for one of these sectors because of your interest. 

Examples of sectors at Art Basel (Top, Film Sector) (Bottom, Position Sector)


Art Basel: Miami Beach


Being from the beautiful city of Miami, I have the privilege of explaining what the incredible experience of Art Basel is like. Art Basel is an art festival that originated in Basel, Switzerland and added two additional locations worldwide, Hong Kong and Miami Beach. The art festival deals with many famous world wide art galleries  that bring their most famous pieces to either sell them or showcase them. Art Basel attracts all kinds of people from all over the world. The festival focuses on displaying modern and contemporary art. It takes place throughout all of Miami Beach primarily focused at the Convention Center in Miami, Design District, and the new popular “arsty” neighborhood, Midtown. If you’re in Miami, December 5-8, I suggest you don’t even hesitate and take some time out of your day to attend the marvelous Art Basel. It will change your life. Even if you think you’re not into art, don’t over think it, the Art Basel will change your mind on art.

How to start an art collection on a budget

art basel

Starting an art collection simply depends on what you like and if you’re willing to invest in it or not. You should start off with basic low stream artists that wouldn’t cost you much when investing in their art. Starting your own art gallery deals with what you like and you being comfortable with showing others what you like.Once you have enough art pieces that you think will be interesting to buyers and art fanatics you may now start looking into a gallery you could rent to display the art pieces. The key is to


invest intelligently on the art collection.There are five main steps I think will lead to starting up a successful art collection on a budget. Step 1 would be to invest in cheap art yet appealing to the eye that you like and that others would like. Step 2 would be to invest in a gallery where you could display your art pieces. Step 3 would be organization. Organization is key to success. Step 4would be to invest in advertising your art gallery to become known. Step 5 would be to network as much as you can to be able to grow your art collection. I found an interesting article where you can compare and contrast the persons way of starting up an art collection to my method of starting it. Check it out. http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/personalfinance/2013/04/07/collecting-affordable-art/2057751/



Why you should know who Antionio del Prete is

Antionio is an Italian born artist who has also produced and acted in some movies. He grew up on the outsides of Naples, Italy. In Italy, fashion and art are part of anyone’s daily life. The del Pretes started prospering early in Antionios’ life as a cause of his mothers success in the fashion industry. Being in the fashion industry requires traveling to many places and experiencing different types of fashion, art, and culture. Antionios’ moms success in  fashion helped him capture and experience a true understanding of what art is. By the time he needed to pick what to study in college he picked fashion design. Art was never his number one but just a hobby he was always interested in. One day he finally got inspired and decided to stick with art which is what he does today. He started off using the dot technique and eventually mixed that into the stenciling technique used in street art. Del Prete works on old Classical paintings but modernizes them and draws materialistic ideas or characteristics on the painting. The idea behind this type of art is to critique the materialistic world we live in now a days and too add this modern touch to Classical paintings. Del Prete adds humor and a different story line to his painting by this technique. Antionio has had success both in America and Europe through being invited to private and group art shows.

Antonio Del Prete


Top Picture: Antionio del Prete

Bottom Picture: “BacDonald”

American Baby

American Baby

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