The Inspiring Story of Tammam Azzam


Tammam Azzam was a young artist in the devastated city of Damascus, Syria. Sadly war and violence has taken over Syria in recent times. The war in syria was a huge obstacle that came in Tammam’s way but that wouldn’t stop his dream of becoming a successful artist. His studio was shutdown because of the syrian government so he was forced to continue his dreams in some place else, Dubai. Azzam focuses on working with digital art. The main theme he focuses on in his art works is too depict the political problems going on back home for him in Damascus. He depicts the tough times going on in his country by incorporating broken pieces of items such as maps in his art. Through symbolism in pieces he adds to his pieces he shows the misery that the Syrian people are going through. Keep your eye out in this inspiring artist from the devastated country of Syria.




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