What truly is Modern Art?


Sigmund Freud’s The Interpretation of Dreams was what boosted and introduced this new perspective of thinking that lead to the modern art world. Before the 19th century art was dedicated to only the rich merchants or wealthy class. All they would request for their art pieces were religious and mythological themes, but that all changed after the 19th century. The Interpretation of Dreams focused on our subconscious which led to many artists creating their new art pieces based on what was in their imagination. The MoMa museum described the new artists to “exploring dreams, symbolism, and personal iconography” into their new style of painting. At this time, artists would experiment in any possible way to come up with a new type of art. They experimented with the colors they woulduse, they experimented with new tools, they experimented new techniques, and new ways of presenting their art. They consider it “modern” art because of the new discoveries and inventions to this different world in art. The invention of photography, film, new tools, had a huge impact on this movement of modern art.


Example of the beginning of modern art : Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night



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