How to start an art collection on a budget

art basel

Starting an art collection simply depends on what you like and if you’re willing to invest in it or not. You should start off with basic low stream artists that wouldn’t cost you much when investing in their art. Starting your own art gallery deals with what you like and you being comfortable with showing others what you like.Once you have enough art pieces that you think will be interesting to buyers and art fanatics you may now start looking into a gallery you could rent to display the art pieces. The key is to


invest intelligently on the art collection.There are five main steps I think will lead to starting up a successful art collection on a budget. Step 1 would be to invest in cheap art yet appealing to the eye that you like and that others would like. Step 2 would be to invest in a gallery where you could display your art pieces. Step 3 would be organization. Organization is key to success. Step 4would be to invest in advertising your art gallery to become known. Step 5 would be to network as much as you can to be able to grow your art collection. I found an interesting article where you can compare and contrast the persons way of starting up an art collection to my method of starting it. Check it out.




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