Why you should know who Antionio del Prete is

Antionio is an Italian born artist who has also produced and acted in some movies. He grew up on the outsides of Naples, Italy. In Italy, fashion and art are part of anyone’s daily life. The del Pretes started prospering early in Antionios’ life as a cause of his mothers success in the fashion industry. Being in the fashion industry requires traveling to many places and experiencing different types of fashion, art, and culture. Antionios’ moms success in  fashion helped him capture and experience a true understanding of what art is. By the time he needed to pick what to study in college he picked fashion design. Art was never his number one but just a hobby he was always interested in. One day he finally got inspired and decided to stick with art which is what he does today. He started off using the dot technique and eventually mixed that into the stenciling technique used in street art. Del Prete works on old Classical paintings but modernizes them and draws materialistic ideas or characteristics on the painting. The idea behind this type of art is to critique the materialistic world we live in now a days and too add this modern touch to Classical paintings. Del Prete adds humor and a different story line to his painting by this technique. Antionio has had success both in America and Europe through being invited to private and group art shows.

Antonio Del Prete


Top Picture: Antionio del Prete

Bottom Picture: “BacDonald”


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