American Baby

American Baby

Antionio del Prete is known for his eccentric humor based art pieces. Here you can see a typical baroque style painting but with del Prete’s sence of humor added to it. Del Prete turns these old classical paintings into modern satirical art works. He is a very interesting painter who looks to make fun of the material world we live in today and depicts it in his paintings. The interesting qualities that Del Prete has is he interacts with the classic art and turns it into a modern masterpiece. Here you can see a typical baroque painting of a child, which is the classic part. The modern touches Del Prete adds to it is making the child into Captain America, the pistol, and his necklace that shows the head of three dead revolutionists: Adolf Hitler, Muammar al-Gaddafi, and Osama bin Laden. For more on Del Prete’s painting visit,


By: Antionio del Prete
Price: $20,000
Acrylic and Digital Media on Canvas
46″ x 35″


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